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Vintner's Choice
A Tromp L’Oeil cabinet is painted in a faux old wood grain finish, the dusty wine bottles indicate age while grapes drape gracefully out the front.
Oversized packet is at 8.5” x 11” and has 2 full color pages including close up photos.
Wood Cabinet, design area is 10” x 14”
$8.00 Intermediate
All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. It's tea time at the studio! This perky sign measures approximately 10"x10" and is quick and easy to paint up.
$6.00 Intermediate
It's all here. Everything you need for the old fashioned sewing circle. A familiar velvet pin cushion, spools of thread, needle, scissors and a vintage enameled thimble complete with miniature painted roses.
Painted on a 7 x16 metalware tray by Western MetalWare.
$6.00 Intermediate
Love Letters
A hand scripted personal message and picture postcard of an English Cottage is painted Trompe L’Oeil style on a doily stenciled lace tablecloth.
12” beaded wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
A Quilter's Work
Painted Trompe L’Oeil style. Enjoy a cup of tea and a tasty treat while working on this patchwork quilt. A basket full of quilting essentials is handy.
12” diameter metalware cookie tin.
$6.00 Intermediate
Wine Master
Stop whining and start dining. A Trompe L'Oeil project painted with a charming vintage mahogany and brass cork screw, complete with wine stained cork! Painted on an 8" square metalware tray by Western MetalWare.
$6.00 Intermediate
Cinnamon Roll
Vintage enamalware is getting more difficult to find by the day.This 9" diameter metal mini pie pan is painted to look like a well-loved, vintage, chipped and worn enamelware pan. We top off the cinnamon roll with a slurpy frosting just like grandma made on weekends.
$6.00 Intermediate
Juicy Cherry Pie
This juicy piece of pie was too much to resist, before indulging I had to snap a picture for a painting.
8” diameter wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
Sweets For My Sweet
Delicious Tromp L’Oeil chocolates are served on a heart shaped metalware tray with the softest pansies. The tray measures 9”.
$6.00 Intermediate
Petit Fours
A fine assortment of delicious chocolates to paint Trompe L'Oeil on your tray or plate. Sweet bouquets of delicate pink roses sit on opposite corners of the 12" metalware tray.

$6.00 Intermediate

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