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Don't all these darling little roses make you want to take time out of a busy day for a cup of tea? 6x8 canvas
$6.00 Intermediate
This design is so soothing and relaxing you'll want to be sure you don't let your tea get cold. 6x8 canvas.
$6.00 Intermediate
Cocoa Pot
A vintage cocoa pot splashed with pink roses and detailed with French Blue trim becomes a tall vase for a trio of inviting pink roses in this Victorian painting
12”x16” stretched canvas.
$6.00 Intermediate
Recipe For Rest
A romantic vintage scene loaded with delicate roses
11" Metalware Tray
$6.00 Intermediatee
A trio of delicate roses in pink and burgundy grace the China tea cup making a simple little painting on a 9x12 canvas.
$6.00 Intermediate
La Tea Da
A stack of cups three high says "the party's over". It's a quick and easy design on a functional piece. 6.25"x10" design area painted on a double tea bag holder by Cabin Crafters.
$6.00 Intermediate
Yours Truly
A single, mature cottage rose regally perched in a delicate pink tea cup. 9x12 design area.
$6.00 Intermediate
Lilacs & Plums
A bouquet of mauve and purple lilacs fill a pitcher with pink roses. A basket of rich purple plums invite us to bite into one to sample the tasty treat.
14” triple beaded wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
Mother's Day
A Royal Albert rose pattern on a matching cup and tea pot enjoy the company of a moss filled basket of happy pansies.
12” single bead wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
To Mom With Love
Oh so white! The tea cup, saucer, pillow and note card have a variety of roses and the background is a tone on tone design created with a Delta stencil. A fast and easy project for time weary painters. The bentwood heart candy box is 11” x 12”.
$6.00 Intermediate
Pleasures of Tea
Nothing says tea like Royal Albert china. Medium pink camillias and a simple tablecloth complete the occasion. 14"x14" wood memory album.
$6.00 Intermediate
Salon du Thé
This is a fun wind or door chime! Perfectly stacked antique and collectible tea cups give a happy feel to this piece. The design area is 6.25” x 13”
$6.00 Intermediate
Stacked Tea Cups
A collectors delight, stacked 5 high with all the pretty patterns.
6.5” x 10” wood clock
$6.00 Intermediate
Medley is the perfect paintable for a tea cup collector or rose aficionado. It also makes a terrific decor addition when painted directly onto a wall or furniture piece.
5”x15” design area, the original is painted on a door panel.
$6.00 Intermediate
Tea Cozy
Charming pink and burgundy roses dress the tea cups and tea pot, beautiful lemons are ready to be sliced to tease the taste buds while fresh eggs await breakfast.
Oversized packet with 2 full pages of color fotos
Jewelry box with interior tray, design area10” x 15”
$6.00 Intermediate
Recipes For Tea
Yum. Scones and tea. But don’t let it fool you. This design is easier than it appears!
13” x 13” wood memory album
$6.00 Intermediate
the Classics
Old books, cut fresh flowers and a cuppa tea ahhh, they're classics! 11"x14.5" chippendale metalware tray.
$6.00 Intermediate
Whispering Roses
Sweet and simple, tiny pink roses grace a coffee cup and saucer while a fresh picked bouquet of daisies and bachelor buttons lay on the cutwork tablecloth.
11” x 14” Chippendale metalware tray.
$6.00 Intermediate

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