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Rachel's Rhapsody
The wonder of the sea and the wonder of being a child mingled to carry you back to the wonder of life.
12" flat wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
Foul Weather
If you’re a duck or a child or just a painter with a child’s heart there’s no such thing as foul weather.
12” single beaded wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
Lil Sailor
A budding sailor visits the waterfront for the first time. He wades at the water's edge with a pond schooner of which he can be proud.
$6.00 Intermediate

Cear Sailing
No time for selling sea shells down by sea side today!
On a 14.5" metalware tray and she's compatible with Lil Sailor design.
$6.00 Intermediate

Belle Fleur
A field of colorful iris is tended by a lady in white, as she gathers a bouquet in her basket.
Heart Candy Box. Design area is 12” x 13”
$6.00 Intermediate
Victorian Millinery
The sign reads: 'Proper hats for proper ladies'. This charming vintage looking sign is surrounded with small swags of purple violets and plenty of rich gold work.
$6.00 Intermediate
Hand Picked
Remember those wonderful summer days picking flowers and dreaming? Don't let your dreams fade. 11”x14” oval metalware tray.
$6.00 Intermediate
Fall Foliage
Oh those wonderful Indian Summers when the foliage and the sun spin magic days. 12”x16” canvas.
$6.00 Intermediate
The lid of this heart candy box hints at the delights awaiting inside under the cherub.
$6.00 Intermediate
Wine Cellar
They say the best wine comes from the best grapes. She stomps grapes the old fashioned way.
10x16 tavern board.
$6.00 Intermediate
Sunlit Hours
Enjoying the garden on a warm, sunny day just looking at the pictures. Bicycle Basket 9”x13”.
$6.00 Intermediate
My Valentine
Cherubs, roses & chocolates say “Valentines”, I got the sweet cherub and roses on this little sign. Sorry, I ate the chocolates.
Painted on a wood and wrought iron heart signboard with a design area of 10”x10”.
$6.00 Intermediate
Sunday Morning
An awe inspiring garden is the perfect place for a Sunday stroll.
14" wood plate.
$6.00 Intermediate
Morning Glory.
Her rural mailbox is smothered in glorious morning glories.
10"x12" oval wooden plate.
$6.00 Intermediate
Love One Another
A sweet, gentle reminder of our reason for being. 15.5”x11.25”x3.25” box with drawer.
$6.00 Intermediate
Molly's Posies
Molly sells her hand picked bouquets at London’s famous Covent Gardens. Brightly colored, tied clusters of posies fill her large vendor's basket painted on the face of a slant front secretary
$6.00 Intermediate

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