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White Linen
This secluded garden is the perfect location for a casual afternoon meeting. Crisp white linens accented with a bowl of fresh fruit, shared with a glass of red wine. Paint it tonight on a 9?x12? surface.
$6.00 Intermediate
Crystal Coast
A secluded shoreline with sea grasses and creeping pink ground cover backed by a dramatic Atlantic sky painted on a 9”x12” surface.
$6.00 Intermediate
Urn of Roses
This old world wall and urn are graced with a variety of pink roses intermingled with a few mellow yellows casting their cool shadows into the garden below. Design area is 11”x14”.
$6.00 Intermediate
the Entry
Come on in, the garden is open.
11"x14"” canvas
$6.00 Intermediate
Ladies Lounge
A home made bamboo lounge chair nestled in a quiet corner of the garden is the perfect place to escape with a wonderful book.
10” x 13” dome top jewelry box.
$6.00 Intermediate
Seaside Garden
The salt air fills this small patch of flowers on the private beach overlooking the distant peninsula and lighthouse.
14.5” metalware tray.
$6.00 Intermediate
Wendy's Retreat
This adirondak chair is the perfect place for some solitude. Simple flowers grow under a tree sheltered backdrop.
12” scalloped wood plate.
$6.00 Intermediate
The Window Box
Pansies make me smile. This little window box is crammed full of colorful pansies, pink geraniums, queen anne’s lace and purple salvia.
14.5” metalware tray.
$6.00 Intermediate
Colours of Spring
Spring has sprung is this lovely, inviting garden. Walk through the hedge arch and paint a fantasy.
8.5” x 11” heart jewel box.
$6.00 Intermediate
Huntington Gardens
Simply stated elegant garden at the Huntington Library. 9"x12"” canvas
$6.00 Intermediate
Comfort Zone
This is the quickest little designs to paint up! Perky pink hollyhocks plus a white andirondak chair and ottoman create the perfect place to gather your thoughts.
6"x9" wooden video box.
$6.00 Intermediate
Summer Palette
The clean lines and fresh white paint of a garden chair in contrast with bright flowers and foliage spawn the quintessential painted garden.
11"x14" metalware tray.
$6.00 Intermediate
Southern Comfort
A deliciously inviting lace hammock situated in a casual garden makes for a pleasurable afternoon. Painted on a 12" single bead wood plate.
$6.00 Intermediate
Rattan Settee
A woven natural wood love seat is nestled in an invitingly quiet garden. Oh, she left her hat and book, she’ll be back soon.
Dome top wood jewel box, design area 8 1/2” x11”. $6.00 Intermediate
Lush Life
The serenity of flowers perfectly balanced with the invitation of a gate left ajar inviting you deeper into a special garden.
10.5” x 12” dome top wood clock.
$6.00 Intermediate

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