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San Carlos
I enjoyed the quiet colors and misty atmosphere of this 1920s custom home in San Carlos, CA.11"x14" canvas
$6.00 Intermediate
This popular Parisian Florist Shoppe is a delight to the eye with buckets overflowing with vividly colored flowers snuggled under a pastel pink awning. 9”x12” surface size.
$6.00 Intermediate
Carmel Cottage
A simple seaside cottage in classic ocean blue hues with boughs of brilliant green vines behind a white picket fence. It’s easy enough to paint tonight on your 9”x12” surface.
$6.00 Intermediate
The perfect painting for a musician or music aficionado. Succulent colors combined with the ornate baroque candelabra creates a lyrical room. 11”x14” design
$6.00 Intermediate
A Grand Entrance
A hidden courtyard with traditional stone staircase smothered with assorted pots of brightly colored flowers. Paint this colorful addition for your home decor. 9”x12”
$6.00 Intermediate
Farm Fresh
Fall is glowing with brightly colored pumpkins complimenting the purple and plum mums in this lively autumn roadside produce shack. 9”x12” design surface.
$6.00 Intermediate
Summer Cottage
The quintessential New England waterfront summer home is complete with the proverbial rose covered picket fence, patio cover and a few seagulls.
9”x12” canvas
$6.00 Intermediate
Favorite Gardens
The quiet, thatched roof cottage fits in well with the gentle, inviting whisper of the flowers. Come and take some time for you.
10” x 14” wood book
$6.00 Intermediate
Aunt Lydia's
This charming pink Victorian clapboard house is nestled among tall trees and a lush garden.
10” single bead wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
Sandy Point
This charming pink clapboard home is lakefront. Pink hydrangeas pave the way to the porch.
10” single beaded wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
6 Kingston Street
Roses in the round! A simple cottage garden surrounds a lovely high pitch roofed manor is this light & airy design.
13x13 design area, click the small image to see the box front.
$6.00 Intermediate
Chadwick Lane
A country lane leads down into the wood where the fairies play in their own secret garden.
12” single beaded wood plate
$6.00 Intermediate
From Saskatoon
A classic Victorian home nestled among tall trees and a traditional springtime garden.
6.5” x 10” wood
$6.00 Intermediate
Hidden Cottage
This garden is bursting in color.
9”x12” canvas
$6.00 Intermediate
Blush Chateau
This sweet house is located in New Orleans, I took artistic license and landscaped her,
9"x12” canvas.
$6.00 Intermediate

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