Oil Gallery

My love affair with oil painting began in the late 1970’s with Priscilla Hauser’s TV program. I love the way they move,their vibrant, clear colors, the smoothness, clarity, even the smell of oils!

One of the difficulties of teaching and designing is constantly painting at a level will appeal to the ‘masses’. One tends to neglect their own growth as an artist. To combat this I take classes, studying and pursuing oils on canvas. I do not take commission work and I do not paint for profit or sale. It’s for my pleasure and growth. It’s become a sanctuary for me.

I use 5 or more photographs to compile one painting. After the design is planned, the under painting is done in one color plus white. This establishes lights and darks. It also shapes and forms the painting. This is where problems are resolved. Several of the following paintings have the original photograph linked for your viewing.

Under painting is the foundation of the process. When it’s complete, glazes are applied in warm and cool colors then topped with opaque colors. The color of the under paint unifies and influences all colors that come after it.

Several of these works have a link to the under painting so you can experience it more fully. Sorry, there are no instructions for the following items, no packets or books, nothing for sale. Having these on my web site is my way of sharing my passion for the art without limitation, I hope to stir the artist in you in some way.

My Brother & Me 1955
My Knight
Koi Pond
Homeward Bound
Me & Ol' Paint
First Baby
Damsel TaMara
Gypsy Girls
Age of Innocence

Still Life
Wine Press
Wash Stand
Old & New
Music of Life
Quiet Corner
Spring's Hope
Bowl of Roses
Veggie Gardener
Just A Girl
French Hens
In A Little Cafe
Grape Harvest
Le Fleuriste

Vintage Baker
Stomping Grapes
After DeBlaas
After DeBlaas
After DeBlaas
After DeBlaas
After Alma Tadema

A Paris Veranda
A study after Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
A study after Pamela Kay
A Paris Florist
The Grounds Keeper

The Bead Party
After Pamela Kay
Cherub Header
C. Klein
A study after Christie Repasy
on a chippy wood panel
Inspired by a Vintage etching

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