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Newly Released Packet Designs

Market Truck
Brightly colored flowers and produce fill the bed of this old truck at the local Farmer's Market. 9"x12 ” design
$6.00 Intermediate

Beautiful Day
Miriam rushes to the water's edge on a Sunday visit to the cove. 9"x12" ” design area
$6.00 Intermediate

Berries & Daisies
One of my favorite and most popular seminar pieces, this calming tea party for one is perfect on a wood tray, canvas or most any other surface. 11”x14” design
$6.00 Intermediate
Marche aux Fleurs
Curbside flower seller stands are a colorful and joyful sight in any language. 9"x12” design area
$6.00 Intermediate
Best Friends
No matter your age it's a great day when you're fishin' with your best friend. 9"x12” design area
$6.00 Intermediate
Morning Juice
Two doves enjoy the morning sun while the courtyard breakfast table is set for two. 9"x12” design
$6.00 Intermediate
Irish Lace
A brass chandelier and lovely antiques are just beyond the window box and Irish lace panels. 9"x12” design
$6.00 Intermediate
Party Line
Oh so pretty frillies all drying in the summer air. 9"x12” design area
$6.00 Intermediate
A simple keepsake for the ballerina in your life. 9"x12” design area
$6.00 Intermediate
Villa Verde
Old vines of roses and flora climb the wall this historic home. 9"x12” design area
$6.00 Intermediate
A Spot of Tea
The sweetest pink tea pot is paired with a china painted cup and fresh garden daisies sitting on crisp battenberg lace. 11”x14” design
$6.00 Intermediate
Pick of the Day
Just a few pretty roses for grandma's kitchen table. 9"x12” design area
$6.00 Intermediate
Ladies of the Club
The garden ladies takes a break for tea and bridge under a blooming jacaranda tree. Paint it tonight on a 11"x14" canvas or other suitable surface.
$6.00 Intermediate

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Paint what you love and love what you paint.
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