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It's true, the world is a big place with much going on, but there were simpler times. You didn't have to live in the 50s to appreciate the decade's thriving American culture. Surfing was the happening thing on the West Coast as Hawaii left an indelible impression from hula skirts to Hawaiian shirts.

These compact paintings make for a swell collection of 50s memorabilia, surf culture and a simplier time.

Each of my original small works is handpainted in acrylics on hardboard and has a neat coat of polyurethane varnish for protection. Sold unframed.

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A&W Frosty Mug Root Beer Painting

A hot summer night calls for a Frosty Mug of A&W root beer! The first mug sold for 5cents in June 1919 in Lodi, CA. A&W® remains the world's #1 selling root beer and some of the drive-in restaurants still feature carhops. Cruising A&W in vintage hot rods or low riders was a Friday night "sport" here in So. California in the 60s, we had fun, fun, fun how about you?
5x7 acrylics on panel

Itsy Bitsy Tiny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Painting

I had to the iconic bikini, the song hit the radio and charts in 1960. Still a great song by Connie Francis and a great Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

4.5x7 acrylics on panel

1950s Bowling with a Refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola

It's Friday and that means League Bowling! President Truman installed a two lane alley at the White House in 1947 setting off the bowling craze of the 50s and 60s.

5x7 acrylics on panel

Bob's Big Boy Painting

I'm a fast painter but I can't paint as quickly as I can recall favorite icons of the 50s. My family rarely ate at Bob's Big Boy but I was all a flutter just seeing him in our travels.
4x6 acrylics on panel

Pack of Unfiltered Camel Cigarettes Painting

Way back in the 50s when smoking was chic, advertisers claimed "More Doctors smoke Camels"! Was that a pack of Camel unfiltereds rolled up in Elvis' sleeve?

5.5x6.5 acrylics on panel
In & Out Burger Artwork/Painting

In 1940 McDonald's opened the first "fast food establishment" in San Bernadino, CA . As time roller skated on, the car hops were slowly replaced by new innovation. In 1948 a simple device changed the face of fast food. The speaker phone appeared in a drive up to order In & Out Burger in Baldwin Park, CA. Here's to In & Out.
5x6 acrylics on panel

1950s PF Fliers

BF Goodrich the tire company brought us PF Flyers, the first high top canvas shoes that "made you run faster and jump higher"...

6x6 acrylics on panel
Vintage Travel Trailor in Blushing Pink

This cute little travel trailers were a big hit in the 50s and 60s. Baby Boomers are restoring and bringing them back in style with Vintage camping. Looks like a great time to me!

6x6 acrylics on panel

Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Painting

Called an Aloha shirt the island themed printed shirts first appeared in Hawaii in the 1920s making their way to the Mainland in the 30s and are still popular.
5x7 acrylics on panel
1950s Aloha Hula Ukulele Painting

Another common 50s scene was the fabulous Hula Girl perched in the rear window or on the dashboard. Life was simple and little things made us happy back then.

4.5x6 acrylics on panel
1950s Cateye Rhinstone Glasses Painting

What says 1950s like rhinestone cat eye glasses? When I was 5 I thought they were sparkling beauty and couldn't wait to get some for myself.
4.25x7 acrylics on panel
Rainy Day Jacks & Ball Painting

Jacks was one of those easy sidewalk or inside rainy day games we girls gathered to play before we were summoned to come in for dinner.

6x6 acrylics on panel
Vintage Hawaii Postcard Painting-Art

August 21, 1959 we added the fiftieth star to the US flag as we welcomed the beautiful Hawaiian Islands as our 50th state. Aloha, Hawaii ❤
5x7 acrylics on panel
Hamm's Beer & Bear Painting

Another sweet memory from the 50s; the Hamm's Beer Bear dancing to the beat of the tom-tom drums as the chorus sang "from the land of sky blue water ... Hamm's the beer refreshing ..."

6x6 acrylics on panel

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